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Super Six - Something Old/Something New

John Lehner Saxophones proudly introduces the exciting new:


When we speak of something old, we have successfully been able to recreate the same superb sound of the fabulous Mark Six saxophones of the past.

Super Six - Alto Super Six - Tenor

Not just with sound quality but with same great feel and exact correct positioning of the keywork.
In addition there has been more overall improvements to the instrument as well. One of the weaknesses of the older sixes was the inadequate bell to body brace which was never strong enough.

We have designed and introduced a much stronger and better positioned brace along with tastefully crafted double-curved arms on the bell keys and also on the low C key.

Also included are much larger and easier working adjustment screws on the bridge bars on both top and bottom actions to allow for easier, quicker and more precise adjustments to be made when neccessary as well as new adjustment screws on the side C and B keys.

Super Six - Tenor Super Six - Alto
The octave thumb key has undergone a change in design allowing for a much better feel and a smoother action through the octaves. Extra engraving is another feature which is displayed on both body and keywork if desired - this is an optional extra.

All models will have a unique BIRD DESIGN engraved bell.
Also all models are fitted with the finest quality pads and original plastic reflectors.

These saxes will be available in the following finishes:

  • Gold Lacquer
  • Dark Antique Matt
  • Antique Hard Nickel-Silver Alloy body with gold-lacquered keywork.

The new SUPER SIXES are a sight to behold and to play.

Enquire and try one today, you will not be dissappointed.

View latest testimonials for the John Lehner Super Six Saxophones

 Errol Buddle  "These horns are unsurpassed value for money"
 Andrew Oh "The tone is warm and rich, the intonation is outstanding..."
 Mark Taylor "John Lehner's Super Six Saxophones are superb!!"
 Robby Woodhouse "The Altos fly in both jazz and classical music"
 Richard Booth "John Lehner's Super Six Saxes are truly outstanding"
 Albin Berky "the sound is rich and warm"
 Nick Negerevich "smooth fingering and the Tenor in particular has a warm and "friendly" sound."

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