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Super Six Saxophones Series - Testimonials

Below are some testimonials gathered from the top professional musicians and music educators. Read what some of the top players have to say about this revelation in saxophones.

 Errol Buddle  "These horns are unsurpassed value for money"
 Andrew Oh "The tone is warm and rich, the intonation is outstanding..."
 Mark Taylor "John Lehner's Super Six Saxophones are superb!!"
 Robby Woodhouse "The Altos fly in both jazz and classical music"
 Richard Booth "John Lehner's Super Six Saxes are truly outstanding"
 Albin Berky "the sound is rich and warm"
 Nick Negerevich "smooth fingering and the Tenor in particular has a warm and "friendly" sound."

  • Super Six Testimonial - Errol Buddle

"Some important aspects of playing an instrument are intonation tone technique articulation and style.
The two most important are generally regarded as being intonation and tone. The instrument itself is largely responsible for these. Errol Buddle - Super Six - Tenor
The John Lehner Super Six Bird models have both excellent intonation and tone which is beautiful and warm with a bright edge. This is great when you need to get it "OUT THERE", with great projection.
As for the feel of the keywork, there are none better than these saxophones. These horns are unsurpassed value for money and I find them equally great for jazz rock or classical music.
Because of these qualities I consider it a joy to play these instruments and it gives me a feeling of great confidence".
- Errol Buddle

Errol Buddle is an Australian Jazz Legend, Soloist and Recording Musician and member of the reknowned Australian Jazz Quartet.
Errol Buddle plays John Lehner Super Six Bird Model Alto and Tenor saxophones.


  • Super Six Testimonial - Andrew Oh

Andrew Oh "After playing the John Lehner Super Six Series of saxophones, I must say that I was very impressed with these instruments. The saxophones are solidly built and the finish is impeccable with fine attention to detail.
The tone is warm and rich, the intonation I find outstanding and the mechanism very comfortable to play. They also come in beautifully made cases. If you like the Selmer Mark VI's then these saxophones are the closest to the Mark VI you can buy on the market today.
I would definitely recommend these instruments to any serious lover of fine craftsmanship. They are very classy instruments all round."
- Andrew Oh

Andrew Oh is an international recording artist with 30 years of playing experience specialising in saxpohones and flutes. Andrew was also a teacher for many years at the prestigious Centro Teatro Arttivo in Milan. He is currently is teaching in Sydney.
For more information about Andrew visit his website andrewoh.customer.netspace.net.au


  • Super Six Testimonial - Mark taylor

Super Six - Alto "John Lehner's Super Six Saxophones are superb!! The tonal quality and response, intonation and key mechanisms are simply outstanding.
John has successfully captured and recreated the classical elements of the very best Selmer Mark VI's I've played.
In my opinion the Super Six Series ranks with the best saxophones on the market today and represents exceptional value for money."

- Mark Taylor

Mark Taylor is a Sydney-based saxophonist and woodwind instrumentalist. He is an active jazz soloist, studio and touring musician. Mark is in constant demand performing across the broad spectrum of the music industry.
For more information about Mark visit his website www.marktaylor.com.au


  • Super Six Testimonial - Rob 'Woody' Woodhouse

Super Six - Alto "John's Saxophones are responsive, sturdy and produce an amazing tone with fantastic intonation.
The new Super Six range are beautifully crafted horns producing results that belie their price. No need to spend thousands on that elusive perfect Mark VI, John's range is the solution.
The Altos fly in both jazz and classical music and the Tenors produce a big round beautiful tone with just the right amount of resistance.
There are simply no better horns on the market for the money."

- Robby Woodhouse

Rob 'Woody' Woodhouse is Woodwind Tutor at the New England Conservatorium of Music and a freelance woodwind player.


  • Super Six Testimonial - Richard 'Bootman' Booth

"John Lehner's Super Six Saxophones are truly outstanding, the mechanism, response, intonation and tonal quality is exceptional. These Saxophones are as good or better Super Six - Tenor than the best Mark VI saxophones I have played. Everything is positioned perfectly on the instrument so that you feel instantly at home the first moment you pick up the saxophone. There is also a power and solidity in the instrument that makes you want to play and play, then play some more.
These Saxophones are right up there with the best Saxophones on the market today and represent fantastic value when compared to other top end instruments. Try one for yourself, you won't be disappointed..."

- Richard Booth

Richard 'Bootman' Booth is professional Saxophone woodwind player based in the Sydney area. He is equally at home in a wide range of musical styles on a variety of instruments and tours both nationally and internationally performing as a Jazz soloist or Rock Sax session man or in the recording studio. Richard is also well known for his wide ranging knowledge of things Saxophone...


  • Super Six Testimonial - Dr Albin Berky

"I have tested the saxophones of John Lehner the Don Burrows models and the new Super Six Bird models which are even better. All the models are very well designed with excellent balanced intonation through all registers.
The fingering positions have a great feel and the sound is rich and warm especially in the low register. The models have great aesthetic design with nice engraved deisigns on the bell and throughout the body of the instrument. Super Six - Tenor
When I have combined these saxophones with a professional mouthpiece either Optima AL3 or AL4 with a Super Revolution BG ligature the quality of sound is very close to the ideal Selmer sound. Naturally, it is up to the individual player, whether jazz or classical to design the ideal sound themselves to bring surprising results. Considering Some of our academy students are playing either on Selmer Series 2 or 3 or Yamaha Artist - John Lehner saxophones are very close to these instruments with the feel of the fingering positions, key positions, key design and tonal quality. Many of our students are playing the Don Burrows and Super Six Models at the present time. Students are very happy with the instruments and after sales service which John Supplies.
After 25 years of cooperation with John Lehner I would strongly recommend these saxophones to anyone from beginners to concert level for all styles of music. You will not be disappointed... Great quality for a great price..."

- Dr Albin Berky PDr Dip. Mus.Ed Dip. Mus. Perf.

Dr Albin Berky is director of "THE BERKY MUSIC ACADEMY". The studio is located at Epping in Sydney - phone : 02 9869 8352
For more information on Albin and Julia Fekete-Berky please visit:
The Australian Woodwind Teachers Guide


  • Super Six Testimonial - Nick Negerevich

"For more than 40 years John Lehner has been actively involved in the purchase and maintenance of my instruments.
Nick Negerevich
I have continued to play on a John Lehner headjoint and in the last 10 years have added the saxophone to my repertoire.
I own a john Lehner/Don Burrows tenor saxophone and find its tone and ease of playing to my satisfaction. I have tried the Super Six range of Saxophones and find them to be better still - smooth fingering and the Tenor in particular has a warm and "friendly" sound.
These instruments are all very highly recommended."

- Nick Negerevich

Nick Negerevich former Principal Piccolo/Flute Australian Opera and Ballet Orchestra. Lecturer in Flute, Sydney Conservatorium and USQ, Toowoomba. Nick is currently Teacher of Woodwinds NECOM (New England Conservatorium, Armidale NSW).


The new SUPER SIXES are a sight to behold and to play.
Enquire and try one today, you will not be disappointed.

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